John Powell ft. UAKTI "Fireworks On The Roof"
Bruno Mars "Welcome Back"
Tree Adams "Again I Ride (Sirens - Main Title Theme)"
Alexandre Desplat "Opening Titles"
José González "Step Out (From The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty)"
John Williams "The Book Thief"
Daniel Pemberton "The Counselor (Titles)"
Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders "Heaven To The Max (Max Payne)"
Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin "Strong Animals"
Zooey Deschanel "Hey Girl (New Girl - Main Title Theme)"
John Powell "Trek"
Lyle Workman "Superstar"
Mateo Messina "Meet the Lorings (Juno's Mix CD)"
Rolfe Kent "Los Olivos"
Harry Escott "Brandon"
Alec Puro "Sally's Theme"
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