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Franz Stahl

Franz Stahl

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Music has been my life, my home, my love, my adventure, my education, my up bringing and all my fault. My emotional valance to music I suppose supersedes just about any other type of physical connection. Except, and absolutely, that of those which are the wonderful sounds of my own children.

With a long history of music making, or living music, and the paths it has brought me down, I can say that for anything I’ve ever constructed it has it’s origins in all these experiences. Displayed in these pages are bits of my musical passion. From current works to the past I continue to gig and write while fostering relationships with those in the TV and Film genre. Currently I’ve found a home at Evolution Music Partners here in Hollywood, Ca and my agent Jon Steingold is tireless in his efforts, and support for all my musical endeavors. Licensing tracks and scoring music for all mediums I can think of no greater joy!

A History in music, such as mine, can’t be completely relayed in so few pages before you, but I will reveal to those who do not know me some of my past, and all I continue to do in the present. Beyond my love for music is also an interest in the art of film making, and it’s power of emotion and expression. I have posted here within my own visual expressions that I do from time to time, but I digress...

After decades of touring the world, and playing enumerable stages from the back alleys to Budokan, I found myself back home and playing once again with my original band Scream, and on top of that doing time also with Boston’s, DYS, all this after a year long stint in a local Country band, Smith and Pyle. My last, and most cherished tenure touring and recording was with a very popular rock artist named J in Japan. My seven years there in the far east proved to be forever life changing. Now I was throwing down guitar well before all this, and what led me to my latest endeavor is inexorably linked to my last, and my time with the Foo Fighters. This too, brought me around the world, and in to the studios again with other great musicians writing and recording tracks for such films as Godzilla, and the X files. My work yet undone leading to where it all started back to my roots in D.C. and in the hardcore punk band Scream, although to any who know this history, variety and wealth of material we produced, we were more than just a punk band musically, but still a punk band in it’s truest interpretation and circumstance. My brother and I were always the other half of the bands we were in and this continued on from D.C, and Scream, to where we both ended up in LA and in our last band Wool. A musical journey continued, and yet no musical journey envisioned could be so affected without heading to the desert where the earth and our universe meet in a an endless stretch of heated horizon and dusty spirits. Wool spent a lot of time there at the Rancho De La Luna studios when not on the road, and I think probably where my brother and I wrote our most prolific stuff to date. Journeys don’t really end they just assume another road, and I’m still driving, minding the tracks...
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